Happy Places

I am a very spiritual person.  This has nothing to do with religion.  You can be spiritual with out being very religious, regardless of what religion you practice.  As a spiritual person, and I’m sure I have written about this before, I spend a lot of time on self-introspection and self-discovery.  I am always reviewing my life, reassessing my goals and making changes.



Recently, I having taken on a few too many projects and I have been feeling very overwhelmed.   It is times like these that I find I need to go to my “sanctuary” places to clear my head and exercise my self introspection.  I’m sure we all have those places.  You know, where you go to calm down, ignore the stress and maybe forget what your real world is like.  It’s a mini vacation from your mind.

Usually just walking outside on a nice day through a nature trail does it for me, but if I really need to step out of myself, I head to the beach.  I’m not sure if it’s the salt air, the calming sound of the waves in the background or the whispers of summer, but it’s very therapeutic.  Lucky for me, the beach is only an hour away.

Where is your spot?