Walking Around In Circles

I recently got back from a trip to New Orleans.  It was my first time there.  It was an interesting place.  Can't say I would ever go back.  We stayed in a really cool converted mansion, the Melrose Mansion on Esplanade just at the boarder of the French Quarter.

Melrose Mansion looking out on to Esplanade from the "salon"

Melrose Mansion looking out on to Esplanade from the "salon"

Every morning at about 4 am I sat awake thinking about why the person in the room above us was up, walking around there room with high heels on and dropping things every few minutes.  Then I realized, there weren't any rooms above us. I'm convinced the place was haunted.


There is nothing much to do in NOLA other than eat and walk around.  That's fine by me.  According to my fit bit, over the course of 3 full days I walked a total of 70,738 steps and clocked 28.27 miles! The galleries and boutiques up and down Royal or Magazine were very cool.  It was fun to look at the impromptu art show on the side of a fence, listen to street performers  and avoid the occasional drunkard walking up and down Bourbon.


Being a self-proclaimed foodie, I have to admit, the food was pretty good.  Although I am not all about the creole thing, we did not have a bad meal.  We ate at all the can't miss places, Arnaud's, Antoine's, Muriel's and brunch at Two Sisters (best brunch evaah!).  We bought pralines at Aunt Sallie's and Leah's and had an obligatory beignet at Cafe du Monde.  Which made us wonder, what is Cafe du Monde the only  place in NOLA to buy a beignet?  You would think the place would be crawling with them!  Me of course,  I prefer the off-the-beaten-path kind of place.  We enjoyed some great breakfasts at Horn's, Cafe Rose Nicaud (if I ever go back I am def getting the banana, peanut butter & honey sandwich) and the Red Slipper, not to mention some great Mexican food at Arana, seafood at Superior Seafood & Oyster bar and couldn't pass up macaroons from Sucre, all in the Garden District!

The best for me though, was looking at all the cool architecture.  So many neat elements everywhere you turn.  I found myself walking around in circles.  Each time you look, you see something new.