How a Fitbit ruined my day

I have never considered myself a competitive person.  As a kid, I was never really involved with sports and I when I think about it, I happened to be quite shy.  

I'm not sure when all that changed.  I still don't consider myself a competitive person.  It's more about validation. After college graduation, I only worked in the quasi-corporate world for a few years.  I've always been great at being reliable.  A "you-can-count-on-me" kind of person.  But then as human nature would have it, I always sought out that validation.

"You saved the day, Jess."

"Couldn't have done it with out you, Jess."

"What would we ever do without you."

Now, when I sit back, I realize I have spent most of my working life as a stay-at-home mom, and let's face it, the suggestions box is usually filled with complaints.  I've never heard...

"Thanks, Mom!  You're the greatest!  I surely would have starved to death had you not dropped off my lunch, not to mention failed history without my paper and broken my ankle without my sneakers for gym.  And, dinner; you always make exactly what I want to eat.  You're the best, Mom."

So, my friend gets me a fitbit flex as a gift.  I try it, I like it.  It's fun and I get to see if I can reach my step goal daily.  I quickly realize that the fitbit is great for those who are otherwise inactive.  It gives them a goal, a reason to move around.  I however, do not fall in to that category.  I'm very active, and most days I exceed my daily step goal.  Of course this varies, and depends on the season.  For instance, it's summer and on a super nice day I am more likely to spend the afternoon rendezvousing with my pool floaty than obsessively walking around in circles to make sure I reach my goal.

I upgrade to fitbit charge HR, because I decide the heart rate monitor is truly what is beneficial to me.  As with anything else these days, fitbit has a social component where you can connect with and compete against "friends".

I'ver recently discovered some acquaintances who have fitbit and they have connected with me. One of these new "friends" presented a weekend long "challenge" to see who among us could walk the most amount of steps from Midnight Saturday morning to  11:59 PM Sunday night.  Suddenly I found myself obsessively competing with several people, half of whom I didn't even know!   I also perceive myself to be older than these people and I want to put these 30-somethings in their place!   I am in great shape!  I workout every morning and I challenge any of these fitbit friends to keep up with me at the gym!  I want to win!  I want to be the best!  I want everyone to cheer me for winning!

I came in fifth.