Coolness Factor

I have been an artist all my life.  Although I believe that you can teach someone to draw or sing or act, there still needs to be some natural ability and passion for your art that you are born with.  I love being an artist.  I like the way I look at the world and I like creating things.  I have as many ideas rolling in my head as I do in a file cabinet next to my desk as well as every cool idea I've "pinned" on pinterest!  It's not an easy career path.  I've submitted work to try to get in to shows and although I have had some mild success, I have been rejected more than I have been accepted.  It's a wonder I still go at it!

I am also a huge Scott Kelby fan.  Scott Kelby is photographer and Photoshop guru.  I've read his books, attended his seminars, watched his online tutorials and I am a facebook fan!  Recently, his facebook page started a FanFriday contest, where if you write your web address in the comments section they randomly choose one and post for ALL the KelbyOne facebook fans to see!  Well your truly was picked first.  Total coolness factor!  Thanks for acceptance Scott Kelby!