How It All Started.

If you follow my blog posts (and don't worry if you haven't, because truth be told I've spent about the last year and half debating if I should be blogging in the first place), you would have read my post about that awkward moment when I tell people what I "do".  Once that moment is over, the next question is usually, "when did you start doing that?"

Exploring my creative side

Exploring my creative side

Let me explain.

As with most college students, when I was getting ready to graduate, my plan was to take over the world...with my art of course.  I set out to be a freelance illustrator.  I made countless appointments and schlepped my portfolio to art directors upon art directors; anyone within a 50 mile radius of Philadelphia.  Although I got a few jobs here and there, I found most art directors didn't really understand my work at the time.  And, if steady work wasn't going to come in soon, I was going to have to go in to survival mode.  So, I got a full-time job as a graphic designer.  I worked an agency for a few years, and while there, I got married, moved to New jersey and my 90 minute commute turned in to a three hour commute.

That got old fast.

So I quit.

My husband and I started a family and I started doing odd jobs on a part-time basis to help ease finances, fitting things in around nap times and when I could conveniently get a sitter.  As my kids got older and my time freer, there of getting back in to "my art" was whispering min my ear.

Since I had been out of the loop for a little while, I knew I had to spruce up my portfolio.  I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of anything and everything I thought I could use for reference photos for future art projects.  You know, what does a kid eating ice cream look like, or a chair with a pillow on it taken in every conceivable angle.

The things is, I realized I liked taking the pictures more than trying to reproduce them in another media. I found myself composing, cropping and enhancing, and a new art form was born.

Over the years, probably about 10 or so, I've experimented with different subjects and different techniques.  I like where I am now, but I never stop learning.  So stick around, because you never know when something new and unusual is going to pop up!


Just Two Questions

There are two questions I always dread being asked.  The first, what do you do?  Meaning, where do you work?  The reaction I get to the response I give--I'm a Mom.  I stay home with my kids, is usually met by an Oh, and then the conversation comes to a screeching halt, like some how my intelligence level has dropped to a two and now we can no longer have a meaningful conversation.

Twenty years ago, my husband and I decided it was more important for me to to stay home and be a mom to our children, and therefore make whatever financial sacrifices that were necessary.  However, at the time, if you weren't a corporate power female, then you must be June Clever.  Now apparently, staying home and raising your children is all the rage.

When my kids were still young and basically babies and therefore home all the time, the notion of staying home was easier to wrap your head around.  But, since they have been in school full time and better yet, almost off on their own, the second question that usually follows the what do you do? question is even better--so what do you do all day?

So I thought it would be fun to tell you what I, a stay at home mom, do in a typical day...

After only getting about four hours of sleep the night before due to a sick dog with a parasite induced digestive problem, and a snoring husband, my day started at 3:30 am.  I was woken up by said dog, barking to go out as a result of the parasite induced digestive problem.  However, upon running downstairs as fast as possible to avoid any potty issues, I discovered that two of my three dogs managed to get out of their crates (one quite mysteriously) and was confronted by what I can only describe as a poop massacre (if you have either babies or pets, this visual does not phase you).  I spent a half an hour cleaning up, replacing dog beds and mopping the floor...twice.  

I then crawled back in to bed and wished myself to fall back asleep.  I proved to myself that wishes do not come true and was still awake when my alarm went off at 4:20 am.

I got up.                                                                                                                                    

I got dressed.                                                                                                                                            

I went to the gym.

I came home from the gym to find my husband up (not the norm) and all three dogs already outside.  I changed out of my sweaty gym clothes, wished my son good luck on the first day of his summer internship, grabbed the youngest dog and off we went to the vet clinic by 7:15 am, where he was to be emasculated.  I returned home and decided the floor needed to be mopped again.  I straightened up the kitchen, fed the fish, cleaned the filters in the pond and pool and called the vet to make an appointment for the other dogs parasitic digestive issue.   I then took two dogs for a walk and by the time we returned it was still only 9:30 am.

Perfect!  I had one hour before the vet showed up.

I checked emails, refilled my daughters prescription, looked at her senior portraits and made sure there were no glaring changes needed to this website.  The vet showed up at 10:30 am and by 10:55 am I was on my way to Target and the bank.  The banked proved to be aggravating.   After about 20 minutes of waiting in the drive-up window line, I left.

Since Summer has officially begun, the game has changed a bit for me.  I'm a little obsessive about sitting outside in the sun on a beautiful, warm or even hot sunny day, and today certainly qualified.  Given the weekend was pretty shitty weather wise and I was probably in need of a power nap given the time I woke up, I was not going to pass this day up.  On came the sunblock, and bathing suit and out came me to lounge on the floaty in my pool.  It's actually a great way for me to let my mind go free and really gel all my ideas for what is happening in my life.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and I thought it would be a good idea to clean up before I went to pick up the emasculated puppy.  I left a little early so I could go back to the bank.  The dog needed to be picked up by 3:30 pm and the bank closes at 4:00 pm.  For sure I thought I would pass a bank branch on the way down strip mall alley, but no such luck.  I picked up the dog, listened to the CYS (cover your ass) instructions and gps-ed the closest bank branch.  I made it with 10 minutes to spare.  

When I got home I had a texting argument with my daughter about what was for dinner. This was all while she was playing hooky at the beach with her friends.  When she got home from the beach we argued about dinner in person.  I still made dinner and also picked up wings.  After dinner everyone, and I mean everyone, immediately dispersed and I cleaned up the kitchen by myself.  It's my least favorite thing to do.

And now, it is 8:00 pm.  I am sitting here, writing this blog post outside on my back deck, watching my dogs play and acting as the buffet for mosquitoes.  I'm thinking about my other blog-site (yes, I have another one I am currently ignoring) and maybe revamping it (so I stop ignoring it).  Next I have to go upstairs, finish putting my laundry away and get ready for tomorrow.

What did you do today?


5 People To Follow For Creative Inspiration

If you have been following my blog, by now you have realized that I get a lot of my inspiration from walking around outdoors.  On a stunningly gorgeous day, it's the shit.  However, I live in the Northeast, where we experience all 4 seasons, so somewhere around mid-November up until usually about April, outdoors is not fun.

I have to look for inspiration else where.

The following is list of some artists and creative people I find inspiring...

Linda Szabo is a photographer whose work I love.  Her botanicals are gorgeous.  I recently took one of her online workshops and it was worth every minute.  You will probably start to see her inspiration in my work.  Her website is

Mike Moats is another photographer I follow, admire and have learned from.  He is an amazing macro photographer.  I've taken one of his macro workshops as well.  Visit his website at

I follow Andrew Scrivani on Instagram (@andrewscrivani).  He is an amazing food photographer.  Really creative.

I follow Cherie Bosela on Facebook.  She is a fantastic mosaic artist.  She combines photography and other mixed media items in her work.

Another great way to get inspiration is to follow a gallery.  I recently started following a social media gallery (I'm not exactly sure what that is).  Toxic Tins Gallery.  There Facebook is  They appear to be local to me and even organize photography meet-ups.  I haven't been to one yet, but hopefully over the summer.

Pinterest is a great place for inspiration.  I have several boards dedicated to art inspiration.  If you want to follow my Pinterest Boards, try one of these..Crafty Things I Want To Try   Art I Love  Things From My Very Creative Friends and Cool Art