The 5 Spring 2019 Color Trends I Am Loving Right Now!!

Spring is so close, I can smell it!

And, for a flower loving photographer, I am ready to shed Winter and head out to soak up all the fun colors the season has to offer.

Read on for my 5 Spring favorites!

The 5 Spring colors I am loving right now.jpg

Color 1: Jester. It combines rich red elegance with urbanity and I love how intense it is. Jester makes a great accent color. Lilies are usually the perfect subject matter.

Color 2: Terrarium Moss conjures up thoughts of flourishing foliage and the physical beauty in the natural world. I have a ton of moss growing in my yard. No grass. But plenty of moss.

Color 3: I am so not a pastel, but I love a good neutral color, so this season I am loving Soybean. Very versatile. It can be a fashion staple, because it coordinates with everything, or paint your walls. It’s a fresh look for the color shy.

Color 4: Princess Blue, a majestic royal blue hue, glistens and gleams. It’s really upbeat and can be used in so many ways, like accept pillows or a clutch.

Color 5: The golden yellow Mango Mojito feeds my craving for pleasant comforts. It can warm up your space. Add a vase and then fill it with the elegant Jester color flowers. That will pop!


Terrarium Moss


Princess Blue

Mango Mojito

I would love to see a picture of how you are bringing Spring color into your home if you use my suggestions or products!

Please hit reply if you have any questions.

Think Spring!