From Summer to Fall Decor

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Fall has officially arrived!

That means it is another excuse to decorate!!

from summer to fall decor copy.jpg

I am truly all about summer, but let’s face it, it’s mostly about the weather! I don’t live anywhere close enough to a body of water to warrant “beach” decor, and I am the epitome of an earth tone, so decorating in red, white and blue is just not my “thing”.

Autumn, however, just begs to be styled!! And, as I’ve mentioned before, I am an interior decorator wannabe!!

First, you have the colors! Trending this season are colors like charcoal, olive, tan and deep red. Mix in yellow-orange, poppy red, teal, periwinkle and burnt orange and you have got an amazing Autumn color palette to work with!!

2018 Fall color palette

2018 Fall color palette

Now, how to incorporate them into your world?

If you are really bold, start painting! Not so much? Try one of these suggestions for bringing in small touches indoors and out…

Fall is a great time to experiment with dried flower bouquets and an easy way to add a pop of color.


Pumpkins and gourds, as far as I am concerned, are the reason for the season!


Throw pillows, a blanket or poster prints are affordable and easily incorporate Fall colors. I suggested a huge color palette above, and one or two of those colors will surely go with your existing decor. And add different textures as well.

Finally, get sensory-sans overload. I hate pumpkin spice. There I said it, but balsam and pine cone are all Autumn!

Click on the picture to see the endless possibilities of art to personalize your space.

Click on the picture to see the endless possibilities of art to personalize your space.

A shift in seasons is the perfect time for a shift in your home decor! So get started and show me what you did!! I would love to see it!

Not sure where to start? Considering taking an online class with Creative Live! They are offering FREE classes in Using Color in Home Design.