How To Take Amazing Vacation Pictures

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Summer is well under way, and back-to-school is in the not so distant future.  

What is the best way to capture and preserve those vacation and summer days memories?

1.  Take your camera with you every where you go.  Whether you are day-tripping or on a week long excursion, always have your camera.  You never know when those great shots are going to happen.  I, personally, don't like schlepping my big camera all the time, and I am photographer!  But, I always have my cell phone handy for the quick selfie or foodie find shot.

2.  Tell a story.  If you are on a hike or sight-seeing, document one thing from every place you stop.  It easily becomes a "day-in-the-life of your trip.

3.  Is it hard to convince people you were actually on the trip because you are never in any picture?  Use your self-timer. On your cell phone it is super easy.  Go for the longest amount of time you can get and then jump in!  Try several times too.  You never know what great candid photos may develop.


4.  Take the broad, scenic shots.  Get pictures of the landscape; mountains, beach, sunset, sunrise. But don't over do it.  How many sunsets can you really look at it?

5.  Take a lot of candids.  When I say candids, I mean not everyone posing in front of the ruins.  Capture your friends and family when they aren't expecting it.  Drinking coffee in the morning, jumping in the pool or laughing with a friend.

6.  Foodie shots are trending. Don't forget to shoot what's on your plate or even what's in a local market.

Pear and candied pecan bruschetta in Skaneatles, NY

Pear and candied pecan bruschetta in Skaneatles, NY

7.  If you are comfortable, shoot the locals.  It is a great way of preserving the culture of where you were.

8.  Find unique ways to photograph landmarks and interesting architecture. Shoot from up high or get down low and shoot up.  Focus in on details and don't forget to shoot some of the signage.


When shooting in general, remember the rule of thirds to set your composition up.  

Don't forget to pack extra camera batteries and memory cards.

You'll have an Instagram worthy vacation for sure!

Bon Voyage!

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