Why I Broke Up With Etsy

I've had an Etsy shop for about 10 years now.  I certainly didn't get in on the ground floor, but I was involved before Etsy became Etsy.  And that probably doesn't mean what you think.  

Why I broke Up With Etsy.jpg

I mean back when Etsy was about artists, artisans and crafters.  Not mass produced, laser cut sayings on mugs and wholesale throw pillows. 

Now, I would never begrudge anyone the ability to make money, be it extra or a living.  But quite frankly, I can't compete.

When I first opened my shop, I treated it like the other sites I have my artwork on and lived by the definition of passive income.  I threw some of my favorite images up there and offered them as framed art prints.  I also added some craft items I made in my spare time, like a mosaic table, decorated candles and some resin charms.  Truly a mish mosh of stuff.  And then, I sat back "passively" and waited.

For awhile.

And nothing sold.

I finally sold the mosaic table to a very happy customer in California.  I thought this is it!  My "no sale" streak has ended!!

As Etsy grew, so did I, creatively that is.  I really started thinking of myself as a brand, working on my art and realizing that there was nothing passive about passive income.  You are constantly marketing the hell out of yourself and telling the world where to find you, all while you are selling the lifestyle they will perceive they will have by buying your products.

It can be exhausting.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 10.57.08 AM.png

So, I read every Pinterest post I could find on advice about Etsy.  

How to set-up your shop for success.  Etsy SEO.  Etsy images.  How I made $100,000 a year on Etsy.

I did everything they said.

I beefed up my profile page.  

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 10.56.57 AM.png

I offered unique, one of kind items.

I wrote key-word rich titles for my items.

And put my self out there with the 1,000 other Pink Roses, Round Beach Towel, Beach Accessories, Spring Break Beach Must Have, Picnic Blanket, Poolside, Photoart Towels.

And then I sat back and waited.

For awhile.

And this time two things sold. 

I've outgrown Etsy.  I'm moving on to bigger and better.

I'll keep you posted.