Vacation Goals

My husband and I just got back from a much needed vacation.

Now, for some of you in my life, that statement may raise an eyebrow.  Much needed from what?

Vacation Goals.jpg

Well, there was a time in my life where I might have agreed.  But, ever since I've reinvented myself, started treating myself as a business, started an online art gallery and spending not only a good portion of my free time, but my not-so-free time as well volunteering as the president of my synagogue, I'm mentally exhausted.

My plan on this trip was to let everything go.

Just relax and not think about anything other than what bathing suit to wear and what we were eating.


My mind doesn't work that way.

In fact, when my agenda is specifically to de-stress and let go, mind starts racing and coming up with all these new creative approaches to just about everything.  

I always bring my camera on trips, but what's funny is I rarely use it.  Typically I am off on my own walking or wandering around, and I am always trying to be inconspicuous and not paparazzi-ish.  On the occasion I am walking with others, I always feel like I am aggravating everyone by stopping every two feet to take pictures of doors or street signs.  My cell phone becomes indispensable.  

So, as I said, the beach this time around was my endless source of inspiration.  I collect sea glass.  So do you.  Admit it.  It feeds our endless fascination with shiny objects and our closeted yearning to want to some how find pirate's treasure.  I, however, am also always on the hunt for cool shells and funky rocks.  Yes, rocks.  Pink, green-ish and mat black.  Anything that is unlike the rocks in my own landscaping that quite frankly are the color of dirt.

The creativity easily flows when I am in a completely different setting and surrounded by totally different subject matter.

You'll notice not a single flower in the bunch!

Okay, some beach grass wrapped around a palm tree.

What can I say?