6 Creative Ways To Capture Fall, Worthy Of Instagram

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Artistically speaking, Fall is my favorite season color wise. The weather is usually pretty cooperative, with temps perfect for walking and hiking, setting the scene for amazing Fall photo ops.

How can you capture the beauty of the season?

Try one of these 6 tips to capture Instagram worthy shots.

6 ways to capture Fall.jpg
  • A pile of leaves isn’t just a pile of leaves. Get in close and capture the colors and lines created by the shapes. I also love to grab the single, lonely leaf shot. To me it just speaks “Fall”.

Autumn reminds us how beautiful it is to let things go.
  • Everything has beauty. Especially dead stuff. Great shots aren’t always about the beautiful blooming rose. Capture the curled leaf, the milkweed or the collapsing petals too.

  • Change your perspective. The changing colors of Fall are all about the trees. Capture the colors from a different angle.

fall trees.jpg
  • Document your journey. The Path. The Bridge. And again, change up your point of view for the unique perspective and angle.

  • Utilize the props. For me, pumpkins and gourds are the reason for the season. I always have my camera and the local farmer’s market usually sets the stage for a pumpkin palooza. If not, buy some and set ‘em up on your deck.

  • Finally, use toys! I recently conducted a Fall photography workshop and broke out my glass ball. It was a huge hit! Take one with you and uniquely capture landscapes, trees, flowers or sunsets.

Now that you’ve taken all these amazing photos, be sure to display them for everyone to see (and you can even turn some of them into gifts for the upcoming holidays!!)

Create a Fall photo book to preserve your memories or hang your photos on the wall.