2018 Interior Design Trends for Spring & Summer

I've found that as I change and evolve as a person, my interests have changed and evolved as well.  Foods I never would have touched as  a younger person are now some of my faves, like beets and avocado and Brussel sprouts.  I as an anti-athlete growing up, but now I am obsessively at the gym six days a week.  Even my own artwork has evolved over the years.  I used to paint watercolors to be exact.  Then I moved on to being more of an illustrator and now a photographer.

That's normal right?

So suddenly, as I am exploring the possibilities of how my work can be utilized in the world, I have become extremely interested in interior decorating.  I've always had an interest, especially decorating my own space.  I just haven't always had the budget to do what I would love to do.  Well, that and the fact that I've always had dogs, so pretty much anything you can chew on, which is pretty much everything in the house was...well, you know.


I digressed.

2018 Interior Design trends.jpg

Back to my interior decorating and designing phase.  Suddenly, I am filling my Pinterest boards with decorating ideas and following interior decorators across the country on Instagram and Linkedin!

So here are some of the 2018 interior design trends I am all over:

Gallery walls.  Eclectic art or family photos are a great way to add this design trend.  See my my blog post on gallery walls.

Earthy Tones.  I have always had a thing for earth tones.  Browns, tans and grays add a natural vibe.  Add green pops of color too.  Think emeralds, olive and avocado.

Fresh Plants.  This is a no brainer for me.  I love being outside, so why not bring the outside in?  Anything from house plants to flowers elevate the space.

Velvet. Furniture or accessories.  Just no art please.

Feminine Styles.  This trend is back but a step up from "Shabby Chic".  Keep the florals and pinks.

Dark wood.  Add furniture and accent pieces.  It adds richness to the room.

Tropical is still trending.  Oversized leaves rule the world.

Get the looks below.

Gallery Walls

Gallery Walls

Succulents are always in season.

Succulents are always in season.