How To Choose The Right Size Art For Your Wall Space

Last week I wrote about different ways of bringing art in to your every day life.  For some, those ideas may be a little too "out there".

I get it.

Not everybody can pull off a bright, yellow, larger-than-life sunflower hanging from their shoulder.

How to choose the right size art.jpg

So, for the more traditionalists who like to buy art for art's sake (or because you have this rather large, open space above your sofa and you're not sure how to fill it up), here is some advice about choosing the right size art for your wall space.

Assuming that you are adding to a room that is already furnished, you will obviously have to work around the furniture.  The general rule is to cover about 2/3 to 3/4 of the wall with the art.  You can accomplish this with one or two bold pieces, or make a gallery wall with several smaller pieces.  Having one or two large pieces, draws attention to a focal point like a fire place or a bed and sets a more formal tone.  Gallery walls are a fun way to fill a large space. Groupings of three or five look more natural and you can unify them by keeping the spaces between each piece equal, even if the frames are different.

A single, bold statement.

A single, bold statement.

A gallery wall in a fun way to enhance a large space.

A gallery wall in a fun way to enhance a large space.

Now, let's say you are dealing with a smaller space, like a hallway or a wall between two windows.  You aren't going to want something overwhelming.  The best way to determine the best size art work involves math.

I'm sorry.

If you multiply your wall space in inches by .57, you'll get the size you need.  So, if your wall space is 24 inches wide, you should choose something no larger than 13.5 inches wide.  Sometimes in a narrow space, one piece can look lost.  Try a vertical layout of three pieces that are all the same size.

Now you're ready to go shopping!

Have fun with it, and don't stress if you are a little over or under on your sizes.  No one will notice.

Before you start hanging, keep in mind that in open spaces, art should always be hung approximately eye-level, about 60-65 inches from the floor.  But in a dining room or living room or other sitting areas, hang the art a little lower, about 6-12 inches above the seating.

Adding wall art to your home decor will enhance your rooms with color and style.

And don't forget, it doesn't have to match the couch.

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