Sometimes Life Isn't That Light

When I decided to start blogging on a regular basis, I wanted to keep it light.  Life, but light.

Unfortunately life sometimes isn't that light.

As a mom, all I have ever wanted to do is make my kids happy.  If they were happy, I was happy.  Naturally as child rearing would go, there were some unhappy days.  But, I'm not talking about creating a frenzy because I said "no" to ice cream for dinner.

I'm talking about real world shit.

After spending an enjoyable Father's Day brunch with family, a relaxing afternoon by the pool, a great work-out at the gym, Sunday was sizing up to be just another day in the books.

Until my son came barreling up the stairs with a look of horror and distraught in his eyes.  He had just learned that a friend from school, someone he may have only know for a couple of years, but someone he became fast friends with, frat brothers, only 20 years old, was a victim in a car accident and passed away.

I didn't have words.  I just held my son as he cried and shook from shock in my arms.  I couldn't change it.  I couldn't fix it.  I couldn't make it go away.  I cried too.

As I sat watching him texting his friends, reaching for comfort and trying to process this tragedy, I realized my 20 year old can-you-get-me-a-drink-what's-for-dinner-I-need-more-socks-from-Target son just became a man.  I cried again.

Tell someone you love them today and make sure you tell them why.