How'd I Do?!

If any of you read my blog post from last month (I can't believe it's been a month since I last blogged), then you read about my love of lists and the my challenge to myself to complete 30 tasks in 30 days.  Here's how I did.

1. Go to the beach. Check!  There is nothing like a crisp Fall morning walking down the boardwalk and an adventure to a shore town I think I drove through once with my parents when I was about 12.

2. Visit my grandmothers.  I did see my Grandma for my birthday dinner last month.  I have plans to see my Bubbie next week.

3. Spend time with my son before he goes back to college. Check!  And he's coming home again next week!

4. Improve my blog. Fail!  Other than adding a few new images, I really need to get on that!

5.  Start a foodie blog. Fail!  I can barely keep up with this one!

6. Work on my photography.  Check!  I have been shooting and processing like crazy!

7. Go over my lists. Check!  That's why I make lists.  I am currently working off 3.

8. Clean my office/studio.  I'm working on it.

9. Start my next mosaic piece (a mirror). Started it!

10. Improve my diet. Check!  And I lost 2 pounds.

11. Lose 4 pounds. See above.

12. Take on online workshop.  Check!  I am currently doing a workshop about channeling your creativity with Alsia Burke.

13. Redecorate my dining room. Fail!  Right it is redecorated with today's mail and my latest purchases from BJs Warehouse that I haven't put away yet.

14.  Increase the number of push-ups I can do on my toes. Check!  I can do 10.

15.  Spend more time by my pool. Too chilly!

16. Clean the basement. Check!

17.  Get a pedicure. Check!  And I got a manicure too!

18. Repaint the towel stand for my niece. Check!  Painted and delivered!

19. Think positive. Always looking on the bright side!

20. Get a hair cut. Nope!

21. Sell some of the kids clothes I have piled up.  Check!  I found this great app called Kidizen.  I haven't made a mint yet, but probably a tic tac.

22. Find interesting ways to cook chicken. Check!

23. Clean up my yard. Check!   

24. Come up with a game plan to pay off my credit card. Check!  It's mostly working.

25. Try alcohol inks on yupo paper. Fail!  Maybe when I finish the mosaic mirror.

26. Clean the fish tank. I just bought a new one.  It was easier.

27. Do something I love every day. LOL! What was I thinking?!

28. Go to the movies. Check!  Just saw the new James Bond movie.

29. Go shopping. A little retail therapy is what everyone needs.

30. Be better.  Always

So let's see, 24.5 out of 30 isn't too bad.