30 in 30

I love lists.  I have the obvious, like grocery lists and daily "to-do" lists.  Then I have a note book next to my computer that has my ideas list.  I have two areas on my phone where I keep lists.  I have a tv shows to watch list, things we need in the house list, and I volunteer in a few different capacities, so I have to-do lists for those things as well.  I make a list every time we go on vacation of the things I should have brought so I remember to bring them next time.  I have a holiday gift list and greeting card inspiration list because at one point I thought of going in to the greeting card business.  I have a landscaping ideas list and a list of websites I want to refer back to.   I have a projects I want to try list, ideas for photographs list, places to take photographs list...it's endless!  Thanks to technology, I can have lists for months, even years on my phone, not to mention the wonderful world of Pinterest!!  I have three separate Pinterest accounts, all filled with tons of "boards", which are essentially, visual lists!!!

So, in the spirit of lists, here is a list of 30 things I want to accomplish in the next 30 days.

1. Go to the beach.

2. Visit my grandmothers.

3. Spend time with my son before he goes back to college.

4. Improve my blog.

5.  Start a foodie blog.

6. Work on my photography.

7. Go over my lists.

8. Clean my office/studio.

9. Start my next mosaic piece (a mirror).

10. Improve my diet.

11. Lose 4 pounds.

12. Take on online workshop.

13. Redecorate my dining room.

14.  Increase the number of push-ups I can do on my toes.

15.  Spend more time by my pool.

16. Clean the basement.

17.  Get a pedicure.

18. Repaint the towel stand for my niece.

19. Think positive.

20. Get a hair cut.

21. Sell some of the kids clothes I have piled up.

22. Find interesting ways to cook chicken.

23. Clean up my yard.

24. Come up with a game plan to pay off my credit card.

25. Try alcohol inks on yupo paper.

26. Clean the fish tank.

27. Do something I love every day.

28. Go to the movies.

29. Go shopping.

30. Be better.

I'll let you know how I do.