Everything You Ever Wanted To Learn About Photography


Are you new to photography? Confused by what all those dials and buttons really mean? Do you want to take Instagram worthy shots of your vacations? kids soccer games? the amazing meal you just ordered? DIYer looking to take better photos for your blog?


I am excited to announce I have teamed up with some amazing professional photographers to bring you a library of tools to teach you everything there is to know about grabbing the perfect shot!!

photo bundle horizontal.jpg

Master Your Camera

Learn how to love and master your camera. Start shooting in Manual mode and learn about what all those modes mean! Learn techniques for better iPhone photos and simple lighting skills for a better shot.


Take Better Photos

Nature Photography. Food Photography. Black & White Photography. Street Photography. Recipes for the perfect Portrait. Photography for Moms With Any Type of Camera.

Edit & Organize Your Photos

Learn basic Elements, Photoshop and Lightroom editing actions to streamline your processing.

Earn Money With Your Photography

Have you ever thought about turning your photography obsession into a business? Learn marketing and sales strategies and get info on pricing guidelines as well.

Are You Ready To Start?

There are 19 eBooks, 14 eCourses, 1 membership site, and 6 tools worth $2,327.74, but for a limited time, I am offering all of that in one Photography Bundle for only $67!!! And what makes it completely perfect? It is totally self paced and it’s all yours! Refer back to all the materials again and again!